We can assist in producing your home furnishing design, product prototype, or thing-o-matic. This can range from a one-off for your personal needs too helping you bring an idea to market. If you have an idea to make something for your home, office, sales channel or elsewhere we can help. Other DYO (Design Your Own) service providers most often provide a model where you to upload a logo and place it on a t=shirt or coffee mug. Our services is based on our existing fabrication shop. Thus we have the ability to make custom anytihng within reason. Not simply brand an existing pre-manufactured object.

From 3D modeling, manufacturing to product distribution Evil Mad Fabricator is dedicated to making things. Feel free to send over anything from a drawing on a napkin, vector file, DXF, SVG, STEP, Fusion 360 Project, SolidWorks, etc. Please reach out to Brian for a quote to have something custom made for your needs or fabricated.

Please contact us to have something custom made for your needs.

If you are an industrial designer, artist or napkin scribbler with an idea or concept you would like to bring to market contact s to see if we can manufacture for you.