We Design and Make Things

Take control of your surroundings and become your own lifestyle designer. Engage with us to make one off products and design ideas that are specific to your goals. In defining yourself, your taste, your ultimate environment requirements, a small boutique fabrication shop is on the docket to produce such needs. We are that shop. Nothing here is ready made. Everything is ready to be made. Serving the most conventional to the digital nomad on the way to Burning Man. Break free of the spoon feed offerings out there and be your own manufacturer with the help of our micro-factory. For the DiY'er we also make parts.

Our product designs presented are simply a conversation starting point. Not a finite menu of things to choose from. We can make most anything imaginable with reason and budget constraints. All of what we produce is done in house, in Virginia. All of the work is done by us and a small circle of other creative professionals in our inner orbit. Most of what you see here are concepts. Though at this point we have made several of what is presented here. Altering almost every attribute to suite your particular needs is our forte. Having design and manufacturing skills allows us to iterate products quickly to meet consumer interest. Questions or customization requests welcome. Please reach out to Brian Williford to convey your dream.

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Manufacturing Services to Help Facilitate Your Vision
We make custom CNC machines so we can make custom things.

CNC Artisan Service

Making parts and products with modern CNC digital fabrication methods.

CNC Artisan Services

Digital Fabrication Services

Traditional and modern digital fabrication methods with a large helping of creativity.

Digital Fabrication Services

Mechatronic Services

Mechatronics, electronics, CAD/CAM and computer programming services

Mechatronic Services

Brian Williford is Evil Mad Fabricator in Lexington VA and NYC

Making products, things, stuff and more stuff.
Need something unique made then please reach out.

Making Things for Companies : Making Things for People    

Our larger scale manufacturing business is pevlabs.com in Waynesboro Virginia. Located in the historic Crompton-Shenandoah textile factory. This was one of the nations leaders in the production of finished corduroy, velveteen and velvet materials during. Currently known as the South River Mill Industrial Complex and houses about 70 different manufacturers and businesses. Several hundred thousand square feet with a verity of different industrial trade competencies.

This smaller boutique digital fabrication studio is located Downtown Lexington Virginia. Here we focus on smaller projects and products. Migrating equipment suitable for more creative endeavors. The pace here will be more single project focused as opposed to small batch manufacturing. More time tweaking a design here to meet the desire of a person as opposed to moving pallets of sheet stock to 500 units of something out the door by the end of the week.