Our Flat-Pack shelving kits are affordable, easy to assemble and are cascading by design. Shelving units can be assembled by alternating the shelving in the slots which will allow you to fill an area as needed. Or to grow over time if things change. Inversely you can split up longer assemblies into smaller individual shelving units. Another detail is the sidecar options. Small shelves one the sides of the larger shelves serve to proposes. One is the tiny shelves between two standards (sides) makes for a more ridged structure that is less likely to rack since all of our shelving options are backless. The other things this achieves is by staggering, or offsetting the slots each of the large shelves can be in the same place when cascading multiple shelving units.

Flat pack shelving kits can be ordered in an clear birch plywood for a natural or stain finish. Pre-primed plywood you can DIY paint to suit your own design aesthetic. Designs are created in a parametric CAD program which allows for very quick customer customization that goes all the way to the CNC machine milling with ease. We manufacture all components in our shop, located in Virginia.

All designs represented here are a conversation starting point. Please contact us to have something custom made for your needs. You may also purchase the design files if you would like to make these yourself.

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Flat-Pack Shelving Kit Simple
Flat Pack Shelving Kit Simple
Flat-Pack Shelving Kit Retro
Flat Pack Shelving Kit Retro
Flat-Pack Shelving Kit Retro Sidecar
Flat Pack Shelving Kit Retro Sidecar
Flat-Pack Shelving Kit Simple Sidecar Double
Flat Pack Shelving Kit Simple Sidecar Double
Flat-Pack Shelving Kit Simple Sidecar Triple
Flat Pack Shelving Kit Simple Sidecar Triple
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