Most all of our designs for production represented here are a conversation starting point. You might like the concept of something or like something but want a different size, material or finish. Nothing is kept in stock. Everything is made to order once the details have been approved by the consumer.

Affordable decor designed with cascading / expandability in mind. Personalization or finishing by you to suit an individual aesthetic. Natural birch, pre-primed for DIY painting and easy assembly. These design ideas are starting points and would be adjusted specifically for your space and needs. We manufacture all components in our shops, located in Waynesboro and Lexington Virginia.

Please contact us to have something custom made for your needs. You may also purchase the design files for some of the projects if you would like to make these yourself. Click on the images below for more furniture pages. Visit our DYO - Design Your Own page for more info.

Flat-Pack Stool Product Page
Flatpack stool kits contain three pieces that assemble in minutes. Slide one leg half over the other aligning the center notch. Pop on seat with a rubber mallet.
Flat-Pack African Watchmans Chairs
African Watchman's Chair is a modern twist on a classic product with thousands of years old origins. Made from two planks we call paddles and backs. Meaning the chair seat and chair back can be carried to your destination such as a music festival where you would slide the paddle into the back to form a temporary usable chair. We will gladly take a design concept you like and make a one off just for you.
Flat-Pack Desk Kits
Flatpack desk kits have are a little more advanced to assemble. The design is basically a top system (called a bridge) on a shelving kit.

Flat-Pack Workbenches
Flat-Pack Workbench Kits, and bench tops are affordable, easy to assemble. We call these tops a Bridge as it structurally spans across our shelving units, stools or anything else suitable. Though a typical 30" height is picture we will gladly make a flatpack kit smaller for your child or larger for Uncle Charlie the Giant if preferred.
Flat-Pack Tables
These flat pack tables are optimal for temporary events. Use case ranges from home guest overflow, pop up event productions and mobility focused events. Tables are made of cabinet grade clear birch plywood.
Flat-Pack Shelving Kits
Flatpack desk kits contain two sides and three shelves that assemble quickly. Slide the shelving tabs into the side slots, then insert the shelving screws.

Flat-Pack Tubing Couch
With our first flat pack couch entry utilizes common 3.5" outside diameter PVC tubing for the vertical support systems. This is typically a very easy find locally. Cut them and arm rest rods to desired length which determines the depth of your stylish sofa.
Flat-Pack Wall Hanging Bookshelf
Book shelf collection is based on our cadence, or our cascading design feature. Buy as many sections as needed to fill the target space to the desired scale. Run them horizontally, inline or staggered, vertically even if a tall ceiling is present.
Flat-Pack Bench Kits
Flat-Pack Bench Kits are affordable, easy to assemble. Can be used in the home or office. Simply pop them together with a rubber mallet in minutes.
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