These Flat-Pack Stool Kits are affordable to produce and easy to assemble. Great for collage dorms, hipster pads, kitchens, studios and workshops. Simply pop them together with a rubber mallet in minutes. These are designed for 16 inch and 30 inch heights standard heights. Flat pack stool kits can be produced with 0.75"clear birch plywood for a natural or stain finish. Pre-primed plywood you can DIY paint to suit your own design aesthetic. We manufacture all components in our shops, located in Waynesboro and Lexington Virginia.

All designs represented here are a conversation starting point. Please contact us to have something custom made for your needs. You may also purchase the design files if you would like to make these yourself.

Flat-pack Stool Kit : CNC Milling Layout
Flatpack Stool Kit : CNC Milling Layout

Flat-pack Stool Kit : Birch 16
Flatpack Stool Kit : Birch 16"
Flat-Pack Stool Kit : Primed 16
Flatpack Stool Kit : Primed 16"
Flat-Pack Stool Kit : Painted 16
Flatpack Stool Kit : Painted 16"

Flat-pack Stool Kit : Birch 30
Flatpack Stool Kit : Birch 30"
Flat-pack Stool Kit Assembly
Flatpack Stool Kit Assembly Guide
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