African Watchmans Chair
African Watchman's Chair - Almost Infinite Shapes


The Watchman's Chair, or sometimes referred as African Watchman's Chair originating in Congo. This simple seat is based on two parts we like to all Paddles and Backs. More accruable would be a seat and a back. The paddle slides out of the chair so the two planks can be carried to its destination and assembly almost instantaneously.

The story as we originally heard it goes like this: The watchman would carry the two parts up the mountain where he would watch over the village for days at a time. During his watch he might spend some of his idle time carving designs in the chair back. If you find original watchman's chairs for sale though international antiquities dealers you will see some very ornate examples of this. When the watchman's daughter found a proper suitor the father would gift his chair to the groom.


These chairs are one of the earliest examples of flat pack furniture what we have found. The design has not changed for thousands of years. Our versions are a little more modern in terms of themes. We can also make custom watchman's chairs to suite your design idea or taste. These chairs are optimal for outdoor events like concerts where you need to bring your own seat.

Visit our DYO - Design Your Own page for more info.

Flat pack chair kits can be ordered in an clear birch plywood for a natural, stain finish. Pre-primed plywood you can DIY paint to suit your own design aesthetic. Designs are created in a parametric CAD program which allows for very quick customer customization that goes all the way to the CNC machine milling with ease. We manufacture all components in our shop, located in Virginia.

All designs represented here are a conversation starting point. Please contact us to have something custom made for your needs. You may also purchase the design files if you would like to make these yourself.

African Watchmans Chair
African Watchman's Chair - Paddles and Backs

Flat-Pack African Watchmans Chair Bart
African Watchman's Chair Bart
Flat-Pack African Watchmans Chair Skully
African Watchman's Chair Skully
Flat-Pack African Watchmans Chair Angel
African Watchman's Chair Angel

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