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Here is a series of product designs bases on the Isogrid Pattern which is a triangular lattice structure.

Isogrid is pattern milled into metal often utilized on critical parts in the aerospace industry. Visually this is seen as a hollowed-out series of triangles forming a lattice structure. These triangles, along with stiffening ribs (often called stringers) are integral to the high strength yielded. The isogrid pattern offers a high rigidity vs weight ratio. This process can be manufactured with both subtractive manufacturing and additive manufacturing.

The labor and machine time involved to CNC mill such a pattern makes this technique a bit costly. Most often you will find example of this milled into aluminum as shown here. However we are working on some design ideas which are based in American hardwoods which will be more cost effective to produce. We have a very slick isogrid skateboard deck design called the isoDeck. A couple surface platforms such as trivets and coasters. We are working on some isogrid lamp design currently.

IsoDeck : Isogrid Skateboard Deck
isoDecks : Billet Aluminum Skatebord Decks
Isogrid Trivet and Coaster
isoPads : Trivets and Coasters
Isogrid Trivet and Coaster
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